how to connect other user on savvyous ?

how to connect other user on savvyous ?

Savvyous is a unique social platform that connects companies, freelancers, and users in a collaborative environment. If you're new to Savvyous, it can be challenging to connect with other users, especially if there are no groups available. In this blog post, we'll cover some tips on how to connect with other users on Savvyous.

Complete your profile

Before you start connecting with other users, make sure that your profile is complete. Your profile should include your photo, a brief bio, and a summary of your skills and work experience. Having a complete profile will make it easier for other users to understand who you are and what you can offer.

Search for relevant users

Savvyous has a search function that allows you to search for other users based on their skills, location, or industry. Use the search function to find other users who share your interests or skills. Once you've found a user that interests you, take a look at their profile to learn more about their skills and experience.

Follow other users

Following other users is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on their activities and connect with them. When you follow another user, you'll receive updates on their activities, such as when they post a project or update their profile. Following other users will also make it easier for them to discover your profile and connect with you.

Engage with other users

Engaging with other users is critical to building relationships on Savvyous. When you come across a user who interests you, take the time to read their posts or projects and leave a comment or question. Engaging with other users shows that you're interested in their work and can help you start building relationships.

Connect with other users

When you've found a user that you'd like to connect with, send them a connection request. To do this, visit their profile, and click on the "Connect" button. You can also include a personalized message with your connection request, explaining why you'd like to connect.

In conclusion, connecting with other users on Savvyous requires a combination of completing your profile, searching for relevant users, following other users, engaging with other users, and sending connection requests. By following these tips, you'll be able to build meaningful connections on Savvyous and grow your network.

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